Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Day 5 - Cruising

Day 5 we ported in Cannes - but had to take a little boat to shore.

We bonded with some new friends on this outing!  Meghan and Yvette were our traveling buddies for most of the tour.  We rode through Cannes and went on to Antibes and the Old Market.  I LOVE this area - so beautiful and such friendly people.  :)

And then we walked, and we walked, and we walked.  WHEW!  I got my steps in this cruise!

But the walk was worth it!  Breathtaking views, beaches, a sea breeze, and some sun!

At the market, Angela found a very awesome art piece.

Here we are with the artist.  It's an abstract sort of feel.  Absolutely beautiful and captures the trip in a nutshell.

We headed back and took in a show - Burn the Floor.  It was an amazing show with all sorts of different dances.  If you didn't see something entertaining, then your eyes were closed!

We finally enjoyed the sunset view AND have a photo to prove it!

And of course some stamping!  Just remember, I did not create these.  They are created by the achievers.  I'm sharing to inspire YOU just as I am inspired!  :)