Saturday, July 9, 2016

Day 3 Cruising

Day 3 found us in Rome!  I had almost 14,000 steps that day.  I thought my legs were going to fall off!

Before we departed, we found out that there was a rail strike.  Good thing our travel was by bus!  Originally, we were going to ride the train to Rome!

Then, Colosseum workers were striking.  So, no inside photos.  Such a mob of people!  Not many Romans - mostly tourists and those on strike. 

Next stop was the Roman Forum!

These musicians were playing Canon in D by Pachelbel in front of the Forum.  It was amazing!

The video below is a little snippet of their music.  Just listen and don't mind my poor videographer skills!  :)

And now, the Trevi Fountain!

Again - sooooo many people!  We were warned about pick pockets in this area.  Unless it was other tourists or guides, I did not see any Romans in the area!  Such a beautiful and HUGE fountain!

Any trip to Italy is not complete without some pasta and some wine!  

We dined al fresco just past the Pantheon at Scusate il Ritardo Caffe - which means "sorry for the delay."  

Mouth-watering, homemade pasta (not the dried stuff we get in the US!), Italian wine and bread.  MWAH!

So relaxing watching the people stroll by while savoring our meal.  

And now, time for some stamping!

This is one of the make-n-takes for the achievers.  So very pretty!