Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Day 6 - Cruising

Day 6 we ported in Marseilles.  And woke up exhausted!  Talk about a whirlwind tour......

And, of course, another strike.  Busses could not get back, streets blocked, UGH! 

But, we forged ahead and arrived in the heart of  Marseilles.


Then, we found a little French cafe and decided to indulge in a REAL French crepe!

Angela decided on an espresso, wine, and a crepe.  I stuck with the Coca-Cola Light (aka Diet Coke) and a crepe.

Back in the state room, my laundry arrived.  I love it!

To bide some time, I hung out on our balcony as the ship cruised out of port.  I saw these clouds and thought it was really weird looking.  Almost like there was an invisible force field on the sea.

And now, it's time for a selfie - or five!  We did some selfie lessons and we are good!  :)
  Of course dessert needed a photo too!  So delicious!

And some stamping!  I just love this card.  It sums up the days we spent in France.  So many sailboats with beautiful sunshine.