Monday, July 11, 2016

Day 4 - Cruising

Day 4 was in Livorno / Pisa / or Florence.  We docked in Livorno and bussed into the town.  Lots of shops, markets, etc.

One of the shops displayed these mannequins.  Still wondering why the eyelash dropped below the eye on ALL of them.  Maybe it's a thing in Italy?

That afternoon we traveled to the Pitti Winery.  AMAZING!

Beautiful countryside, a family chapel, barrels of wine, olive oil produced (but we didn't experience that area), and a wonderful tasting.

The tasting - what can I say about the tasting!  Four different types of wine, food pairings, great company, and a slight breeze.  

Amazing!  I'm also not a seasoned drinker at this point in my life.  Alcohol content in the wine is around 13% - the US is about 6%.  I drank four glasses of wine.  You would think I would be stumbling everywhere - but I didn't!  Not much of an effect at all!!

For more information on this winery, click here for their website.  You can use Google Translator if you do not read Italian.

And now, time for some stamping!

The photo quality is not fantastic, but these were photos taken from the general session.  Fox and Friends!  This project is super cute - little bookmarks that peek over the page. 

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