Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Recommitted and Cruising!

I am recommitted to blogging!  The first step is to get a new post going along with some awesome photos.  

How about a few from the Stampin' Up! Mediterranean Cruise Incentive Trip?  Now, I did not earn it, but my awesome upline did and brought me along!  So Amazing!!

Day One - in Barcelona before we could board the ship.  That's my up-for-thirty-six-hours look.  I'm pointing at the ship and my new friend Megan is photobombing me!  :)

Angela and I - Zzzzzzzzzz

I finally got a shower.  And note - I am on the balcony and deathly afraid of heights.  But for some reason, being over the water did not bother me at all!

Of course, what is a Stampin' Up! trip without cute project displays!

More coming soon!